06 September 2011

Ten Days and Counting

I'm on the ten day countdown to landing in Paris and starting my second "Love, Eat, Create" journey (thank you Elizabeth Gilbert).  In 2009 I took my first one, a solo trip to Italy and Slovenia with the intent of figuring out who I was artistically and regrouping following a rough 2008.  I came back renewed and full of energy that lead to, literally, people begging me to show my art.

Trieste Italy - Adriatic Sea

Early this summer I decided I needed to do it again.  My youngest was preparing to leave for college, mostly recovered from the accident and I was going to go from constantly "on call" to being faced with letting go and letting her grow.

Money was tight and art sales were down, with not much expectation for change in this arena, but I put it "out there" that I was going to Europe.  Didn't know how I was going to get there, what I was going to do while there or when, but I was definitely heading overseas in the fall.

Then out of the blue, sometime last June, my friend Missy called and said she had just heard on Clark Howard's radio show that British Airways was offering a round trip ticket overseas for signing up for their credit card.  She went on to say that while her husband had no interest in seeing Paris, he did have a slew of Marriott points we could use to stay there and would I please go with her!

One thing lead to another I am heading overseas again.

Half the battle is knowing what you want.  The other half is believing you can decide what that is, not worry about how it's going to happen, and accept it when it does.  Manifestation?

Living life well.

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